Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tribute to Engineering Unveiled at Northeastern

On December 8, 2011, Northeastern University President Joseph E. Aoun held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of the Bernard M. Gordon Tribute to Engineering Leadership. The main feature of the tribute is a digitized gateway with two large LCD screens and thousands of scrolling LEDs. The screens and lights are motion activated; as you walk through the gateway, the tribute comes to life, telling the story of ten exceptional engineers, including Gordon.(Think of walking through your own mini Times Square!!)

Gordon is an engineer with ties to many Boston institutions, including Northeastern. He has over 200 patents for his inventions, including the high-speed analog-to-digital converter, the instant imaging computer-aided tomography scanner, digital Doppler radar, the fetal monitor, and an advanced bomb-detection device, to name a few.

Despite his impressive resume, even Mr. Gordon could not design a paving pattern as snazzy as Pressley Landscape Designer, Matt Latimer!!

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