Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Construction at the Brook House in Brookline MA Nears Completion

Bill Pressley and Mike White have been working on a complete re-design of the landscaping at the Brook house creating a more beautiful, tranquil and colorful atmosphere to come home to. 

View A
The existing water feature has been improved to include new ashlar stone veneer, lighting and a dry stream throughout the north lawn that includes stone boulders and planting with year round seasonal interest.

View B, View C and View D
Careful attention was paid to the selection of perennial and evergreen plant material to provide a variety of color and texture throughout the year.

View E
The incorporation of the dry stream with stone boulders and planting throughout the north lawn engages viewers along this busy thoroughfare and strengthens the existing water feature beyond.

View F and View G
Facade improvements at this main entrance to the development include new signage, glass and steel building canopy, awnings, lighting and planting.